From Director Desk

Ghulam Sayed

Founder & Director

Thirty-Four years ago, I started working as a human resource consultant for organisations looking for overseas manpower. With utter diligence and dedication, I helped companies fill their organisations with meaningful resources, who were both skilled and productive. My consultation helped businesses make more conscious choices in their overseas recruitment process.

When I founded Sahil Travel Service, I knew I had to remain true to my core principles of efficiency, value, and satisfaction throughout the recruitment process. And so we began working towards building, what we now know as, India’s top and most reliable overseas recruitment agency. And fortunately, our work was enough to show our clients what we are capable of doing for them.
Fast-forward to today, we have worked with countless businesses and individuals and helped them land their ideal employees and employment opportunities, respectively.

Some people believe in quality over quantity. But I truly believe in both quality and quantity. That is why I created Sahil Travel Service with a view to providing large quantities of manpower while maintaining the highest quality of leads. None is more vital than the other. For me, they are both non-negotiable.

My team and I acknowledge that running a business is a numbers’ game. Reducing cost, therefore, is one of our primary concerns. Making cost-effective manpower and talents available to all businesses is our key goal. Thus, whether you are an established, well-known organisation or simply starting up, you can find a place in our clientele at any time of day.

As a group, we are committed to delivering excellence. Anything less is unconditionally inadmissible in our recruitment process. Precisely for this reason, I feel euphoric to see my team of expert recruiters and consultants bustling around the office to set you up with the right employees, which can further help you execute your vision for your company.

I could go on and on about how my team and I have together built a human resource consultancy that is highly receptive to your demands, recruitment problems and needs, and ideas. But the concise version of this fact is that we are there for you.

We are there when you need someone to take care of your recruitment needs and hire ingenious people for your organisation. We are there to bring them to you, arrange a comfortable accommodation for them, and clear their visa and immigration processes. And we are there when you have a problem with a lead and seek substitution.

For us, our client relationships are of paramount importance. Nothing is greater than building long-term relationships with contented organisations when we are in a people’s business. And given our will and history with all our clients, I can say we are leading in the right direction.

Lastly, I am a firm believer of the fact that manpower is an integral element in every business, so it should be done right by genuine recruiters because it is only when we take care of our people that our business thrives.